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Woods' status remains uncertain

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Woods' status remains uncertain

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. Joe LaCava walked nearly every blade of grass on the 18th green at Valhalla Golf Club, jotting notes in his yardage book after stepping off the distances from every edge of the green to every possible pin position. It was just like any other Monday at a major.

The caddie just didn't know whether any of this information would be useful in the PGA Championship. LaCava was awaiting word on whether his boss Tiger Woods would be healthy enough to play the final major of the year.

"I'm optimistic," LaCava said after he finished charting the

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. Joe LaCava walked nearly every blade of grass on the 18th green at Valhalla Golf Club, jotting notes in his yardage book after stepping off the distances from every edge of the green to every possible pin position. It was just like any other Monday at a major.

The caddie just didn't know whether any of this information would be useful in the PGA Championship. LaCava was awaiting word on whether his boss Tiger Woods would be healthy enough to play the final major of the year.

"I'm optimistic," LaCava said after he finished charting the entire golf course. "I'm hoping he plays. So I'm just doing whatever work I would normally do."

The caddie was at Valhalla. So was his car, a silver SUV parked in the spot assigned to the four time major champion.

As for Woods?

Stay tuned. His agent, Mark Steinberg at Excel Sports Management, said in an email that Monday would be too early for doctors to decide whether Woods could or even should try to play this week after another back injury.

The PGA of America said that Woods would not have his previously scheduled news conference Tuesday morning. It did not provide additional details.

Woods took another turn toward an uncertain future when he withdrew after eight chi flat iron official website holes and one final shot Sunday at the Bridgestone Invitational. Before leaving Firestone, he said he jarred his back when he hopped into a deep bunker after playing a shot on the par 5 second hole from an awkward lie off the slope above the sand.

"It's just the whole lower back," Woods said. "I don't know what happened."

Making the picture look even bleaker was the timing. Woods had back surgery March 31 to alleviate the pain from a pinched nerve. The Bridgestone Invitational was only his third tournament since returning from a three month absence. And there he went again, riding off the golf course in a cart, struggling to even remove his shoes before LaCava drove him to the airport for a flight back to Florida for evaluation.

"Obviously, I feel bad for him," Rory McIlroy told the BBC on Monday. "The game of golf really needs Tiger. He's had a few withdrawals the past couple of years. I think the first thing is just to get fit and 100 percent healthy, even if that means taking the year off and coming back next year ready to play golf."

If he doesn't play the PGA Championship, his season indeed would be over.

Woods has to win the final major of the year to qualify for the FedEx Cup playoffs. He would have Cheap Snapbacks Hats to win to clinch a spot on the Ryder Cup team. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

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Why Do Scientologists Accept the Xenu Story

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Why Do Scientologists Accept the Xenu Story

South Park's rendition of XenuFor going on 17 years I've been writing about Scientology, and over that time there's one question that has come up again and again.

Why don't Scientologists, when they've been in the organization long enough to reach the legendary material in "Operating Thetan Level Three" the stuff about Xenu the galactic overlord which made for a great 2005 episode of South Park bust out laughing and walk away?

Tom Cruise and John Travolta and thousands of other Scientologists have moved on beyond the space opera stuff in OT 3 (Cruise, for example, has moved up to OT 7), and for some reason, they accepted the Xenu story and never looked back.

When I've been asked that question, I had a ready answer that I'd put together after talking to many ex Scientologists who told me their own experiences.

But now, I realize that the answer I was giving was wrong. The reason why Scientologists accept the story about Xenu and disembodied alien beings infesting this Earth is actually much simpler, and much more mindblowing, than I ever realized.

In the past, Scientologists had convinced me that their long, gradual indoctrination was so insidious, by the time they were allowed to read L. Ron Hubbard's strange OT 3 story which has a galactic overlord solving an overpopulation problem by bringing billions of disembodied alien souls to this planet 75 million years ago their critical reasoning skills were so eroded, they would accept anything.

I remember Jason Beghe, for example, telling me that other religions have their angels and demons, so was a story about alien spirits from another solar system really all that harder to believe? I could see what he was saying, but after spending so much money and time hundreds of thousands of dollars and several years of dedication to reach OT 3 wasn't it a shock for Scientologists to learn that this was what their religion is really all about?

Some ex church members I met did admit that they had negative reactions to the Xenu story, but by the time they learned it they had already spent so much of their lives invested in Scientology, they really had no personal will to walk away at least at that point.

But then, recently, I had a new realization about what church members go through before they get to OT 3.

A few weeks ago, I interviewed a man named Dani Lemberger, and he made me understand the "whole track" and auditing better than anyone else had before. (In auditing Scientology's spiritual counseling a subject holds onto the sensors of an e meter while an auditor asks questions prescribed by Hubbard, encouraging the subject to remember events earlier and earlier. The purpose is to remember and then disarm traumatic memories that happened in your past lives, and helps you move toward becoming "clear." As you do so, you gain a view down your entire "whole track" of existence as an immortal spirit, called a "thetan.")

For my story about Dani and the mission in Israel that is splitting away from the official church, I interviewed Lemberger for hours and sat, mesmerized, as he told me about his whole track auditing, during which he saw himself millions of years ago, leading groups during different lifetimes and on other planets. Over the eons, he said, he had lived lifetimes during which he had a tendency to get his head chopped off when his people rebelled.

Dani was serious. (And he's also a successful businessman with an MBA who characterizes himself as a "skeptic.")

Lemberger made me realize something very basic about Scientology that, for some reason, had never really sunk in before. And it is this.

The reason Scientologists accept Hubbard's bizarre story about Xenu is that by the time they reach OT 3, they have been "remembering" their own outlandish space opera "whole track" stories during auditing, perhaps for several years.

Why question Hubbard's tale about mass alien genocide 75 million years ago, when you've been "seeing" yourself as some kind of Buck Rogers fighting enemies and bedding beauties from one end of the galaxy to the other?

With this new realization, I went back to some of my ex Scientology sources to put it to them: had they been holding out on me a little about their own Star Wars like adventures?

Several of them admitted that yes, even ex Scientologists long out of the church can be somewhat reluctant to discuss the wild things they "remembered" about their past during auditing. But I pressed them tell me about your adventures from millennia past.

"I blew up a water dam that destroyed a third of the cities that were downriver of it. That would be about 300 million years ago but you would say something like '346,767,813 years ago' to your auditor. I think it was on some planet that started with the letter 'V'," says Chuck Beatty, and he laughs, knowing how ridiculous it sounds.

Even after I had explained what I was asking, it took me some while to pry that answer out of Chuck, who is, just about anyone will tell you, the most forthcoming and talkative source of information on Scientology in the world.

Tiziano Lugli was the same way. He spoke to me at length about his own auditing and the entire progression of the OT levels. But I had to keep pushing him until he finally coughed up one of his whole track events.

"It was 250,000 years ago, in a space ship, and I'd gathered all these people from these planets, and I'm implanting them with mental pictures and then throwing them down to the earth, a prison planet," Lugli said. "I was the guy in charge, and I'm responsible for this prison planet. The feeling of that responsibility and what I went through freaked me Cheap UGG Boots out for a year."

And that's really the purpose of "remembering" such material Scientologists believe that if they can recall and "handle" things that happened to them eons ago, it will solve whatever problems they have going on in their current lives.

"At the end of a session you feel invincible," Lugli says. "You've been having planets built and destroyed. After that, you come out into this normal world and you feel like the most powerful person around because you've been traveling through space and time."

Marc Headley pointed out that if you're having those kinds of experiences, Hubbard's story about a galactic overlord is just not very surprising.

"OK, so there's a galactic overlord named Xenu. Big deal. That's not the craziest thing you're going to hear on your way to spending three hundred thousand dollars," he says, referring to the ballpark figure for what it takes to get through the years of services to get to OT 3. At the upper levels, such counseling reaches about a thousand dollars an hour.

But during their journey to OT 3, Cheap UGGs not everyone has such outlandish "memories," they all pointed out to me.

Amy Scobee, for example, told me a pretty mundane story about seeing herself in a scene from about two centuries ago (which, even though it was rather tame, she asked me not to share). Other memories she worked with were almost contemporary.

She just didn't have wild space opera experiences the way some others did. So when she she reached OT 3, I asked her, how did it hit her?

"I did wonder if it was true," she says. But when she then ran the auditing routines involved in the level, the e meter's needle seemed to indicate that what the material proposed that disembodied alien souls were hovering around her seemed to be confirmed. "It's weird. I don't know what to say. I didn't feel like I went through that incident, but the UGGs For Cheap needle was going wild, so I had to assume that someone had."

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Why Seven needs this beauty with the beasts

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Why Seven needs this beauty with the beasts

Melbourne Cup day is not a cerebral day. Even so, this year reaffirmed my belief that women, at their best, are superior to men at their best.

The trigger was Channel Seven's coverage of Cup Week, anchored by three roughies and a thoroughbred. The thoroughbred was the only woman on the anchor panel, an English import, Francesca Cumani, who floated elegantly above the fray, intimately involved and yet apart.

Cumani may have a dark side, but on camera she betrays no self absorption or vacuity. At 29, she has left no trail of scandal, controversy, conflict or fodder for the prurient.

On race day, with so much bogan chic on parade, Cumani opted for simple elegance.

Beauty is commonplace, but beauty plus intelligence, lucidity, courage and loyalty is a more rarefied combination. It can be found in men, but its highest expression is in women.

Beauty. It has been widely noted that Cumani, daughter of one of the world's leading racehorse trainers, Luca Cumani, is a high order beauty. That is self evident and requires no elaboration.

Intelligence. Cumani is quadrilingual she speaks English, Italian (her father's first language), Spanish and French. She has a degree in modern languages from Bristol University. She exhibits a depth and breadth of knowledge in her chosen field, thoroughbred racing.

Lucidity. It does not take long to take Cumani seriously when she is analysing a horse because she can seamlessly command names, dates, jockeys, events and conditions when discussing past performances and current preparations. And she speaks from experience.

Courage. Cumani is an excellent rider and a former jockey. It takes courage to take a racehorse to full gallop. She said in an interview last year: ''A lot to do with racing is your nerve, and holding it. The moment you lose your nerve or get scared, the horse can really sense it.''

I still vividly recall the few times I've been on a horse at full gallop, and they were only pluggers. I can only imagine the force of being on a frothing stallion with its ears back.

Loyalty. Cumani is very much her father's daughter. She is intimately involved with her family's racing operation. She has always pitched in for 5am training sessions. She is also her mother's daughter. Her mother, Sara, is a rider of quality and involved in training. Their daughter is a third generation trainer and committed to the long haul.

She wants to have children. Here we reach the point of divergence, the point of discrimination, where the apex of the pyramid of admirable qualities is occupied by women, not men. A man can be beautiful, intelligent, lucid, courageous and loyal, but he can never take on the greatest of all responsibilities, procreation.

Women have greater physical capacity for pleasure than men. This is nature's scheme. Because in nature, procreation is paramount. So women have to take greater risks than men for passion.

Women live in a more dangerous world than men. Men usually have much greater physical strength than women. In domestic disorder, or crime wholesale jerseys or social conflict, when push comes to shove, women are usually at a disadvantage. They have to rely on cheap nfl jerseys their wits more than men, and relying on wits trumps relying on strength.

I thought about these things while watching Seven's coverage of the Melbourne Cup, amid all the big horses and little hats. I took Cumani's advice and put $20 each way on My Quest For Peace, her father's less fancied starter in the Cup. (So did my wife. She liked the name.)

He finished 10th. Her father's more fancied starter, Mount Athos, finished fifth. I had backed him too.

''When it mattered he didn't quite have the turn of foot,'' Cumani said as she analysed her stable's latest frustrations in the Melbourne Cup. ''It's so disappointing. It feels like deja vu when you've come and you have so many hopes. And you really think you've got everything right. And it just doesn't happen. It's frustrating. And my dad said he's not coming back.''

This should ring alarm bells at Seven, where Cumani's three year contract has just expired. Even if her father, understandably, has decided that seven attempts at the Cup seven arduous, costly expeditions to the other side of the world is enough, Seven should reach a new accommodation with his daughter.

On Seven's biggest day, covering the race that stops a nation, they need that thoroughbred among the roughies.

Follow the National Times on TwitterNo idea what to make of this article. Bizarre with a hint of creepy. I suppose the pre prepared article gloating about Mitt's win had to go into the recycle bin.

Wed Nov 07 21:29:55 UTC 2012

Champagne comedy . You forgot to add the article gloating about Mitt's win AND Tony's march to the Lodge

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wide fitting shoes Articles

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wide fitting shoes Articles

From finding a pair you like in a size that fits you to ensuring they're comfortable enough to wear all day, it isn't simple. The helpful hints below will help you perfect your shopping strategy.

Find the shoes you want in the store and then buy them online. This is a nice way to save money on your shoe purchase. Many times online stores have better prices than brick and mortar stores a . If you are not comfortable in really high heels, your wedding is not the best time to try them out. For a prom night, you have dress, accessories, make up, and hair, ready, but you are still worried about the perfect match of your shoes. If your Choice is wrong, shoes may spoil your whole night . Tender, tired, or maybe blistered feet are actually a potential if you purchase bad fitting shoes. For those eager for some buy fake oakleys information check out the concepts in the following paragraphs to assist with your search for extra wide calf riding boots .

For those who purchase prime quality footwear then you will want them to fit properly. Splurge a bit more t . This may not have been possible a few fake oakleys decades ago, but nowadays finding the extra Velcro wide shoes for men is not really difficult. You can find a right pair of wide fitting Mens Velcro shoes with a little research. There is an ideal way to determine price versus quality when buying new wide fit shoes? Yes, there is. Now you have a unique opportunity to get high quality elegant Velcro wide fi . The right colour combination of shoes and your outfit does make excellent impressions on everyone. The right colour combination of shoes and outfit is as important for the men as well as the women. To determine the character of a gentleman, there are several things matter such as what he wears from head to toe, including his clothes, shoes and accessories. So always be careful to choose the right shoe colour accordin . That is certainly except they have wide feet. For women with wider than normal feet buying wide womens shoes is usually an issue. That is since numerous women learn that full shoe stores do not carry a good variety of white womens shoes. Even when they manage to seek out wide width shoes the styles and varieties is typically quite constrained and several of your shoes usually are not specifically engaging. Every persons feet are different in shape, size and width yet most shoes are only available in most common fittings. It is tremendously difficult for people who need wide fit shoes or extra wide fit boots to get the style and comfort that they are looking for in a shoe pair that is perfect for their needs. People who need wide width boots have very few options on the Internet. But with a little online r . A perfect pair of shoes will highlight the features of your outfit in the best possible way. Also, depending on the situation, there are many styles of shoes to wear. The three broadest categories can be broken down into casual shoes, athletic shoes, and formal shoes. All these shoe types available in all sizes, so if you are looking for wide fit shoes or wider fit sh . The Velcro Mens shoes are one of the designer shoes that can enhance your overall personality. However, the prices of these shoes are also very reasonable that so every man can enjoy their feel and comfort. Wideshoes 4 U has a great range of Velcro Mens Shoes in all sizes such as F, G and H fitting, which are so stylish that they can make you look impressive. The .

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Winkeljohns MMA breaking down barriers

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Winkeljohns MMA breaking down barriers

Gloria (Devon Frieder) is shown with some of the Washington Senators, from left, Smokey (Jordan Queen), Mickey (Dennis Wees) and Sohovik (Josiah Cote). (Courtesy Amber Lerae Earls)

There are currently 10 female fighters training at Jackson Winkeljohn

The co architect of what has grown into Albuquerque now world famous Jackson Winkeljohn MMA gym said one thing he didn think he ever see was women become truly accepted in the sport.

didn think it would be in our lifetime that we see women in UFC, Jackson said from a small back corner office in his gym in southeast Albuquerque. Ashley Cummins, Norma Center vs. Joanne Calderwood.

July 19 Legacy 21 (AXS TV on DirecTV), Houston, Holly Holm vs. Allanna Jones.

July 27 UFC on Fox 8, Seattle, Julie Kedzie vs. Germaine de Randamie.

surprising and it encouraging to see the women getting this much attention. They always bringing it. There no doubt they scrap. would know. He now has 10 female professional MMA fighters training in his gym, including four who have televised prizefights this month alone.

Six years ago, there was only one.

Julie Kedzie, who has become one of the pioneers in the women mixed martial arts game with 27 pro fights on her rsum and plenty of broadcast work, remembers when she was the lone woman in the gym pursuing an MMA career.

Sure, Holly Holm was around training to become the world champion boxer for which she most well known, but Kedzie was the gym lone woman making a career out of MMA.

was boxing and beating the hell out of me on her feet, said Kedzie. there were some girl grapplers who were tapping me out all the time, but now everybody is MMA. very much growing, and you seeing people from other sports transition into it, which brings a higher level athlete to the table. It really awesome. I excited about it. fact, the women MMA scene has grown so much that Kedzie will be fighting on national TV on July 27 against Germaine de Randamie on the UFC on Fox 8 card in Seattle. Her fight will be on the cable network FX before the top four fights on the card air on FOX.

You be hard pressed to find any women fighting on TV when Kedzie first started at Jackson six years ago.

Then things started to change.

Four years ago, fighters such as Emily Kagan, who fights Ashley christian louboutin replica Cummins on the Invicta Michael Kors Outlet FC 6 card Saturday night in Kansas City, Mo., left her home in Maine to join Kedzie and the Jackson crew.

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With bridge to close and baby to come

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With bridge to close and baby to come

Lisa and Joel Bakamis had Cheap Wholesale Sunglasses everything lined up. Their bags were packed and they had done the dry runs from their house in San Anselmo to the Kaiser hospital in San Francisco where they plan to give birth to their first child. Saturday the couple was growing anxious."It's getting kind of sketchy," Joel, a 35 year old pilot, said Friday afternoon. "We're really hoping the baby comes before it closes, like within the next nine hours."Lisa, a 33 year old interior designer, has been trying everything she can to get the baby to budge including eating spicy foods and a homemade "pregnancy pizza," and hiking up steep hills, all to no avail."Pretty much anything that anyone says induces labor, we've tried it," she said. "I guess my womb is just too comfortable."If all else fails and the baby doesn't conform to the bridge closure schedule, the couple has a few options. If the situation is dire, they'll head north to the Kaiser in Santa Rosa though that plan is not optimal, Lisa said."We've been to the Kaiser in San Francisco. We've met the staff there. Our doctor is there," she said. "My aunt is supposed to be there for the birth and she lives in San Carlos, so Santa Rosa would be much harder for her to get to.""Nothing against Santa Rosa, but we'd also prefer to have San Francisco on the birth certificate," Joel half joked. "But that's not exactly our top priority."Though the bridge closes through early Monday morning to all private vehicles for installation of a movable median barrier, Golden Gate Bridge District spokeswoman Priya Clemens said ambulances with urgent patients would be let through.But in all likelihood, the couple will do what most other Bay Area drivers do this weekend: take the roundabout route of the Richmond/San Rafael Bridge to the East Bay before crossing the Bay Bridge into San Francisco.In his dry runs, Joel said the path took only about 10 minutes longer than the drive to Santa Rosa though that was without the added detour traffic expected to come with the Golden Gate Bridge closure.In any event, Wholesale Fake Sunglasses the couple is taking the dilemma in stride."We're finding it to be kind of ironic," Lisa said. "Everyone says the first baby always comes late. Well, it's appearing to be fashionably late and rather difficult."

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